We operate for the leading corporations and law offices in Brazil, assisting them in structuring and communicating complex and decisive issues


Strategic expositions to Board of Directors and Executive Comitees, financial roadshows, monthly results proprietary approach, negotiations and investors relations

Legal & Arbitrations

In partnership with highly recognized law offices of Brazil and legal internal areas of corporations, presentation to judges and arbitrators under a “lean extreme” approach. Intensive use of 1 sole A3 page size, mostly for legal demands

Workshops and Keynote Speaker

Hybrid training both presential and on line to establish a lean communication culture all across organizations


Our expertise was developed along 20 years working with the sênior level of the major local and multinational branchesin Brazil and is structured in 3 stages


Knowledge extraction from team involved on job establishing key concepts and arguments to be deeply explored.


Insertion of selected data&info to support initial knowledge script. Flow design.


Fine tuning, definition of ideal mídia and dry run.



Law offices

“Normann has participated in many of the key moments of Braskem’s history, the leading chemical entrepreneurship in Latin America, always supporting our leaders to focus on high quality content, establishing a clear frontier between relevant and accessory or unnecessary parts. He has achieved the admiration and respect from all the company’s team”"

José Carlos Grubisich Former CEO of Braskem and current President of Grupo Eldorado Brasil Celulose e Papel.

“It’s impressive how the quality of the information e clear rational make the difference in the success or failure of a deal. The same is true for an idea or proposal to the Board of Directors. Baumon takes care of this"

Paulo Novis Former CEO of InfoGlobo

“The objectivity of the numberless meetings in our units around the world has become a crucial demand towards an efficient management. For several years Baumon has been helping us in this initiative."

Paulo Periquito Former-President of Whirlpool Latin America

Briefy. is a startup created with the mission to help teams and their leaders to achieve agility and efficiency in meeting and decisive presentations. The company is developing a disruptive long distance educational platform which offers our highly successful workshop at a much lower cost through the digital environment.

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Information quality and clear rational may determinate the success or failure of a deal, idea or proposal. Highly experienced in this field, Normann Kestenbaum shows us how management has to be attentive to problems quite common nowadays in the corporate environment – information overload and scarce time and the typical multitasking of this generation. He explains how to reach a presentation easily understood pay all withoput exception and above all, that reaches expectations. The author puts the PowerPoint in it’s right place as nothing more than a vehicle to express quality content.