BMC is a consulting firm that helps clients deliver groundbreaking and visual presentations by distilling complex information into simple, concise and persuasive knowledge.


Communication Strategy and Analytical Presentation

Sometimes your new idea, product, or business depends on communicating complex data in a limited time; you’ve got to give your audience the gist of your findings without going too deep. We’ll find the narrative in your financial, legal and technical data and illustrate it with easy-to-understand visuals that deliver just the right level of detail to your audience.

Investors and Board Presentation

When you’re trying to raise money or instill confidence in your board, you need to balance inspiration with analytical rigor. We can help you develop crisp and compelling messages and communicate complex business and financial information in engaging and time-wise knowledge clusters.

Legal Presentation

Every dispute is surrounded by multiple stakeholders and complexity, so boiling-down information to its core essence is a powerful competitive edge. We help lawyers and legal teams create persuasive and visual presentations to leverage their legal ammo and, therefore, exponentially increase success rates in litigation procedures before supreme courts and arbitration.


We are in the presentation business for over 10 years, during which we've worked with top companies and legal firms, helping our clients deliver thousands of groundbreaking presentations. Our training explores strategies, structures and ideas that stick to guide professional development courses comprising all-around communication challenges.

In-house Workshop

Turn your messages into persuasive presentations that resonates and grabs audience attention. Apply visual thinking to your communication media and help people connect with your ideas. Clarify and amplify your goals by deploying visual elements with ease and impact.

Private or Public Speaking

Whether in an in-house or public event, our senior team is ready to deliver a one-hour presentation to inspire and train C-Suite and teams to elevate their pitching skills and communication wit.


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